Converter Pegas SCC-R

For vehicle analogue or DMR radio stations, we offer a system converter SCC–R (single channel converter) that allows connection to the vehicle terminal TPM700 or TPM900 in the TETRAPOL system. Connecting the two radio stations via the system converter SCC–R allows the communication of analogue or digital DMR radio stations with IRS radio communication system subscribers. When an analogue or digital signal is received by the radio station, the audio signal is adapted to the needs of the vehicle terminal TPM700 (TPM900) and transmitted to the IRS radio network on a channel set up at the terminal. The same way the converter works, a call from the Tetrapol radio network is automatically transferred to the analogue or DMR digital network according to the radio station settings. An example of use is when professional units at the point of intervention use digital radio stations with Tetrapol technology and volunteer units are equipped with analogue radio stations. Once the converter is activated by setting the corresponding channel on the radio station and the intervention DIR channel on the vehicle terminal TPM700 (TPM900), both groups of subscribers can talk to each other as if they were using the same technology and on the same channel.

The converter is controlled from a radio station, which, according to the setting of the operating channel, allows the converter to be switched on or off automatically. The operation of the converter is indicated by an LED, which can be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle. The converter is equipped with an output to connect a recording device for recording voice communication. The call logs can be used for documenting and evaluating the progress of the intervention. The last input labelled “MIC” is used to connect a microphone. This microphone can be used as a second microphone for the radio station TPM700 (TPM900), which can be used for example by a machinist.

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